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Talia Laird, Talia Laird Photography

Hi there! I'm Talia, and I am so glad you're here! I am the Milwaukee Photographer behind Talia Laird Photography. I'm a motherhood photographer based in Wisconsin and I also teach photographers who are ready to start booking four figure dream clients so they can stop shooting every night and weekend and run a profitable business.

I remember when I finally had gained confidence in my work and felt like I knew how to make beautiful photos, but felt completely clueless as to how to run a profitable business. I was so busy (because I was shooting for very little) that I found myself missing out on family time, but was nervous to raise my prices, and wasn't sure if anyone would hire me if I charged more. I could barely balance it all and at the time, didn't even fully realize how little I was taking home after my expenses. This is when I realized a high volume business model is not for me!

Since raising my prices and making some fundamental changes to my business, I have been able to make a full time income, consistently booking four figure dream clients, while gaining back my family life. And now I get to share everything I’ve learned over the last four years with all of my coaching students!

Today I am going to share with you about my approach to products and artwork for my clients and give my recommendations for where to start with offering products.

A Low Volume High Service Approach

A low volume approach focused on ideal clients that love your art in place of volume is a WIN, WIN, WIN! On a personal level, this business structure allows for significantly less shooting and editing time, gaining back valuable time with those you care for most. It also affords you the opportunity to focus in on your niche so you can shoot only what you truly love, and take on only clients you truly want to work with, and leave the rest! For me this means I get to take each momma who resonates with my brand and spoil and pamper her every step of the way! With a low volume approach, I am managing fewer clients, which frees up my time to provide a complete and stress free experience for my clients- I want each mother to feel well cared for during their experience for me, and to leave with their images in hand or on the wall. A thoughtful, elevated experience where I handle all of the details for them is exactly what I’ve created. This approach has ultimately led me to a place in my business where my clients totally “get” that memories on the wall or in the hands are memories enjoyed every day.

My Passion

My passion for offering luxurious artwork products came from a combination of a desire to serve clients more comprehensively and the realization that many clients, when left on their own to figure out how to get their images made into something meaningful, just don’t. Some of the products that have melted the hearts of my clients, as well as my own, include albums, framed pieces, prints, and of course digital images. I have worked to craft the design skill to bring to life a collection of wall art that tells a beautiful story each morning as my clients walk down their stairs to see their gallery wall, or sit down at their coffee table with their cup of coffee to be greeted by one of my albums. I offer various sized frames, prints, and albums to meet the needs of any home and family. This passion has driven me to a business that fills my heart, and my clients’ homes.

Recommended Product Offerings

If you are just getting started with offering beautiful product selections to your clients, I would love to provide a little guidance on where I recommend you begin! I remember 4 years ago when I sat down to try to figure out where to source my products, how to price them, what to offer… and my head started spinning! It can be both overwhelming and incredibly intimidating to try to figure this all out! Not to mention the fear that kicks in the first time you actually sit down to try to “sell” these pieces to your clients.

When you are just starting out with products, I recommend keeping it simple. Start with 3-5 products that you personally find completely irresistible! In my coaching program, I teach that there is a fine line between offering choices and overwhelming clients and putting them into a state of decision paralysis. My recommendation is to always have the following offerings, in one way or another, on your menu:

  • an album offering

  • a wall art offering

  • a digital offering

  • a gifting option

Know your Numbers

Whether your next step is offering gorgeous, luxury artwork that will allow you to elevate your experience so you can attract high end clients, or simply raising your booking and digital gallery package prices (not my recommendation unless you plan to elevate your experience alongside your price changes), it is vital you know all of the details behind your business numbers! Have you ever wondered what you should be charging? Have you ever checked what local competitors are charging and based your numbers on that? Or worse- just pulled pricing numbers out of thin air based on your own perceived worth or what you would personally pay? Let me fill you in on a little secret- those strategies (if you can even call them that) leave you working 24-7 with little to no profit! If you need help calculating your numbers, take a peek at my free resource to get started!

Need more help?

Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to figure out what works?

Sometimes the BEST investment you can make is to have someone who has been there take your hand and walk you through exactly what you need to do.

If you’re sitting there wondering how all these other photographers seem to be finding these dream clients who want tangible artwork, and you can’t stand the thought of being in this same wondering spot next year at this time, I would love to invite you to learn more about my group coaching program created specifically for motherhood photographers (newborn, maternity, family) who want a proven roadmap to book dream clients willing to invest four figures in a luxury experience.

Imagine for a minute if…

  • You knew how to confidently raise your prices and attract high end dream clients

  • You had a proven roadmap to shooting fewer sessions each month while making more money

  • You knew how to attract clients who actually WANT to invest in tangible artwork with you

I have spent the last four years working and experimenting to see what works and to create the Talia Laird Photography Experience for my clients. I shower my clients in love and truly do everything in my power to take on all of the stressful parts for them by serving them right to the very end. And every day I get messages from photographers asking where I am finding these dreamboat clients who understand the value of having their memories made into printed, tangible artwork. And I will be the first to tell you that my clients are seriously a DREAM! They value the beauty of a printed album to look through with their children, they know that memories on the wall are memories relived every day. And they are excited to have someone (me!) take all of this off their plate. Having been a schoolteacher before becoming a photographer, I knew that it was time for me to share it all in the way that only I can.

If you’re looking to confidently raise your prices, run a more profitable motherhood photography business, need to gain time back with your loved ones, want to help clients see the value of artwork without being salesy, or ready to serve 4 figure dream clients consistently (or all of the above!), I would love to invite you to my nine week group coaching program, The Roadmap to Luxury Motherhood Photography, where I will teach you all of these things and so much more!

After reading through if this sounds like something you might be interested in, go ahead and hit the apply button and then we can schedule a discovery call to talk in more depth about your business & market!

Looking forward to chatting with you about your business soon!


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This photographer is advertising herself as a coach teaching others to coach. Her program is thousands of dollars and when her methods and credentials are questioned she blocks and deletes feedback. She has written into her contracts that participants cannot share negative reviews for fear of relaitory lawsuits. Buyer beware.

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